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Polyester & Polypropylene Geotextile

Polyester & Polypropylene Geotextile

This product is a random assembly of synthetic fibres, put together, which are mechanically & thermally bonded to make into a single layer, commonly made of Nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles and polyester types. Nonwoven Geotextile fabrics are manufactured according to ISO & ASTDM international standards.

Advantages of PP & Pet Geotextile:

  • Available in both thermally bonded & Needle punched.
  • Random Network Formation.
  • U.V, Rot & Bio-Degradable Resistant.
  • Longer product Life
  • Better Water seepage properties
  • High permeability and tensile strength
  • Retains dimensional stability
  • Resistant to damage from construction stresses
Product Range : 100 GSM - 1000 gsm
Packaging : 1 Metre – 5.5 Metre width per roll [Customizable according to client requirement].
Production Capacity : 3000 Tonnes per annum
Jute Geotextile

Jute Geotextile

Jute is a textile fibre, which when converted into fabric possesses many of the desired properties required for geotechnical engineering works and termed as Jute Geotextile (JGT). Natural fibres of jute can be processed as fine yarns which, in turn, can either be woven into permeable and drape able fabrics

Major Advantages of ECO365 Jute geotextile:

  • High moisture absorbing capacity
  • Excellent drape ability (the best of all GTs)
  • High initial tensile strength
  • Low extension at break
  • Economical
  • High roughness co-efficient
  • High spin ability
  • Bio-degradable; soil nourisher
  • Renewable resource, easily available
  • Eco-friendly
Product Range : 50 GSM – 1000 GSM
Packaging : Customizable according to client requirement.
Production Capacity : 200 Tonnes Per Day
ECO365 Jute Geotextile are manufactured according to ISO & ASTDM international standards. The raw material sourced in manufacturing jute geotextile is of highest quality as they go through stringent quality checks and scrutiny processes before entering our manufacturing facility.
Coir Geotextile

Coir Geotextile

Coir geo textile is a natural solution to large scale soil erosion / soil degradation. It has achieved wide acceptance all over the world. As a natural product It enables vegetation to take root on the applied area thus making the bonding of the soil very strong.

Advantages of Coir Geotextile:

  • 100% Natural fibre, Bio-degradable and environment friendly.
  • Coir geotextile have 20% retention strength even after one year.
  • High absorbency rate.
  • U.V resistant.
  • Adds Organic material to soil, thereby has bonding properties with soil.
  • High tensile and tear strength.
  • Has hygroscopic properties and promotes vegetation growth.
  • Very Economical.

Coir Geotextile

Comparison of EzoFix & G.I Mesh
Particulars Glass Fiber Mesh G.I Mesh [Heavy] Chicken Mesh
Material Glass Fiber Yarn Galvanised Iron
Particulars Yes [Alkaline Resistant Coating] No [Since Iron]
Nailing Requirement No Yes
Installation Process Using Cement Slurry as Adhesive Nailing & Then Plastering
Odulations No Yes
Installation Time Very Quick [No Nailing] More [Requires Nailing]
Installation Cost Less Higher
Roll Size [in metres] 50 mtrs 15 mtrs
Reinforcing Strength High Less
Vat Tax Applicable 5.50% 14.50%

Glass Fibre Plastering Mesh

Glass fibre mesh is a better substitute for G.I. chicken mesh. EzoFix plastering mesh is used for reinforcement of surfaces during plastering, levelling floors, waterproofing, restoration of cracked plaster in order to prevent cracking or fraying of the walls.

Application & Benefits of EzoFix plastermesh:

  • Glass Fibre mesh is used to strengthen the surface of the plaster layer all kinds of buildings.
  • This mesh reinforces liquid waterproofing layers slabs and roofs.
  • Glass Fibre mesh used to impart mechanical strength to filler floor coverings that have different self-levelling properties.
  • Application of glass fibre mesh contributes to strengthening plaster, and the base used for laying ceramic tiles.
  • Glass Fibre mesh protects the wall surface from cracking and improves it's mechanical strength.
  • Glass Fibre mesh is easy to handle and work with.
  • Fiberglass reinforcements protect flooring materials from expanding or shrinking with variations in temperature and humidity.
Packaging : Available in 6 inch, 4 inch & 1metre width X 50 metres running length.
Glass Fibre Waterproofing Mesh

Glass Fibre Waterproofing Mesh

Glass fibre waterproofing mesh is a high grade water retardant material which when used with waterproofing chemicals forms a perfect layer to restrict water from seeping in and protects your floor from cracking or fraying.. The alkali resistant property also provides EzoFix water proofing mesh with extra strength & satbility, thereby increasing the life of walls & floors.


  • External thermo insulating composite system (ETICS) & External Insulating Finish System (EIFS)
  • External & Internal Plaster Reinforcement.
  • Marble Slab Reinforcement.
  • Asphalt reinforcement (Roof waterproofing).
  • Reinforce lightweight: construction boards.


Product : Coated Alkali Resistant Fiber Glass Mesh Cloth
Grid Size : 2.5mm*2.5mm
Yarn Tex ( tex ) : Warp-66, Weft-33
Density : Warp-10
(Counts per 25mm or linch) Weft-10
Treated Woven mass G/m2: 45g/m2
Woven Structure : Leno
Resin Content (%) : 18%
Tensile Strength : Warp->600
(N/5cm*20cm) Weft->420
Drain Cells

Drain Cells

EzoFix drain are high quality polypropylene drainage cells and our manufactured in accordance with ISO: 16-5069, Our range finds its wide usage in landscape, building & construction industries. These cells and installed easily as they interlock horizontally and completed block by block. Available in 20m & 30mm our drain cells act as protection layers over water proofing membranes and create a thermal insulation barrier, due to their open surface design these cells have high internal void and can be used to rapidly capture and transport high volumes of water.

Application EzoFix Drain Cells

  • Roof Garden
  • Tunnels and landfills.
  • Bridge Abutments.
  • Capillary Irrigation.
  • Landscape decks.
  • Paved areas & roadways.
  • Golf Courses.
  • Pond Filtration.
  • Agriculture Applications.
Particulars EzoFix Drain Cell 30mm EzoFix Drain Cell 20mm EzoFix Drain Cell 20mm EzoFix Drain Cell 13mm
Dimensions [L X B] 500mm X 250mm 500mm X 250mm 500mm X 250mm 500mm X 250mm
Height 30mm 20mm 20mm 13mm
Weight 280 gm/sqft 200 gm/sqft 145 gm/sqft 135 gm/sqft
Material 100% Recycled Polypropylene
Compresive Strength >138 tn/m2 >120 tn/m2 >83 tn/m2 > 60 tn/m2
Tempreature Resistance -M30C to 120C
Biological/ Chemical Resistance Unaffected by moulds, algae, soil borne chemicals, alkali & bitumen
Surface Void Area >67%
Internal void Area >95%
Glass Fibre Strands

Glass Fibre Strands [Alkali Resistant]

EzoFix alkaline Resistant Glass Fibre is now commonly used in construction industry for concrete reinforcement, it improves quality, durability and service life of buildings. Fibre available as bundle transforms into monofilament when comes in contact with moisture/water . It gets uniformly dispersed in every cubic meter of Concrete/Mortar and develop secondary reinforcement system.

EzoFix Glass Fibre Applications

  • External & Internal Plastering (for hair line crack prevention).
  • Reinforced Concrete .
  • Concrete Road construction.
  • Concrete Industrial Flooring & Parking lots.
  • Cement and Concrete Articles/Statues etc.
  • Precast works like bricks, slabs, pavements.
  • For Enhancement in Tensile Reinforcement.